This is a brief introduction to all the Jin-Dui crew. All artwork and stories that a character appears in is linked in their full character sheet - click on their picture or name for more information about them!

Abigail Baldwin Portrait Abigail Baldwin - ship's medic & legal counsel - Owned by Ellen

F, age 30, 5'8, E- blue, H - dark brown. Daughter of major media celebrity and extremely wealthy family, seeking meaning (and independence) in her life. Alliance medic during War of Unification, and a good shot. Spent several months as a browncoat 'prisoner'. Pessimistic, prickly, and privileged, but also smart, hard-working, and loyal.
(Portrait by Ellen Million)

Ben Carver portrait Ben Carver - security officer of the Jin Dui - Adoptable Character!

M, age 31, 6'4", H=red, E=green. A former Browncoat soldier; face is badly scarred by plasma burns. A quiet, extremely reserved man who has yet to "return" from the War.
(Portrait by Holly H.)

Captain Bet Cooper Portrait Captain Bet Cooper - Captain; quartermaster; cook - Owned by Whitney

F, age 33, 5'6", E=black, H=black. A former Browncoat trauma surgeon, Cooper serves as the ship's captain, quartermaster and cook. She is smart, shrewdly practical, and a work-aholic. Plays the violin and sustained a crippling injury to her left leg during the war that leaves her limping and using a cane.
(Portrait by Samwitch Londinium)

Fatima Nahas portrait Fatima Nahas - Alterday pilot - Owned by Angie

F, age 30, 5'0", smokey-jade eyes under a worn yellow burqa. Fatima is very soft-spoken and reticent by nature, and presents a very shy & enigmatic presence to the rest of the crew about the Jin Dui. She is reluctant to share any personal information, and seems to mostly concentrate on completing physical chores around the ship. A practicing Muslim; was married and served aboard the family ship Parysatis, a Caravel Class transport which was destroyed during the war, with the loss of the rest of the crew.
(Portrait by Holly H.)

Portrait of Hohepa “Hoss” Hoeata Hohepa “Hoss” Hoeata - ship's primary mechanic - Owned by Stacy

M, age 27, 6'6" tall, black dreadlocks and dark brown eyes, with lots of tattoos. A skilled natural mechanic who served as a hospital orderly during most of the War. Big and intimidating looking, but a gentle, non-violent man at heart. Friendly and gregarious, has a heart of gold and a world-class sweet tooth.
(Portrait by Stacy Lucas)

  Jessa Doe - ward - Owned by Donovan

F, age 11, Eleven-year-old Jessa is a street-rat orphan of mixed ethnic heritage. Formerly "enrolled" at the Odynova Children's Workhome, she took to the streets of Eavesdown Docks on Persephone where she used her wits to survive by picking pockets and swiping unsupervised merchandise.

  Liu Meiying - Passenger (Companion on sabbatical) - Owned by Sofia

M, age 23, 5'8", E=dark brown, H=black. Companion on sabbatical, traveling with the Jin Dui as a passenger. A social person who lives to listen to other's talk about themselves. Good at reading people and situations.

Marcus Chang Portrait Marcus Chang - Electronics/Communications tech - Owned by Ron

M, age 33, 170cm, E=blue, H=black. Marc grew up in the Core, but in the time of war he joined the Independents as a shipboard comm/scan tech. He's skilled in all things electronic, not so skilled in interpersonal relations. Can go from cynical snark to foot-in-mouth naiveté and back within a single sentence.
(Portrait by GI Ace)

Mathilda "Tilly" Warren portrait Mathilda “Tilly” Warren - Ship's Ward - Owned by Brouwer

F, age 10, E=blue, H=blond. Born and raised on Shadow; separated from half her family in the spaceport riots there in 2510, then lost her mother in a factory accident on Deadwood in 2513. Was sold by her mother's boyfriend to settle debts, to local crime boss Darius. Was rescued from Darius by Bet Cooper, who then helped smuggle the girl off-world to Hoss's family on Greenleaf. Darius is still trying to get her back, though, and get revenge on Cooper for taking her. Was brought on board the Jin Dui in early 2514.
(Portrait by Holly H.)

Raquel “Sully” Sullivan Portrait Raquel “Sully” Sullivan - XO & pilot/fixit dude - Owned by V

M, age 32, 5'11", E=brown, H=black, curly. Came up in the scavenging and grey-market smuggling business. Had his own ship, but lost her to pirates. After that, worked from job to job until landing with the Jin Dui, and becoming one of her pilots, and the XO. Charming, quick-witted, jack of all trades; great at schmoozing and making deals.
(Portrait by Louise Meijer)

  Tom Beartooth - Deck Hand - Owned by Donovan

M, age 27, 5'8", eyes: dark, hair: black. Most folk see Tom as scrawny and lanky, and while they don't reckon he'd be found lugging freight on Persephone without a lifter or acting as a bouncer or body guard, he is rather agile and quick on his feet. He's also pretty alert and constantly checking out his surroundings. Serves as a deck hand and supporting mechanic on the Jin Dui. (joined in Season Two)

Torenberg West Portrait Torenberg West - Pilot - Owned by Holly

M, age 47, 5'10", E=brown, H=greying brown. Academic traveling the 'Verse doing field research (mostly folklore). Fair but not expert pilot. Has unrelated expertise in weapons/explosives. Very intelligent, generally enthusiastic, nerdy, a bit swashbuckling. (Joined up with the Jin Dui during the Sturges disaster.)
(Portrait by Holly H.)

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