Jessa Doe

Donovan Malley
Art Approval:
Feel free to draw my character, but I want to approve it before publication, please!
Jessa Doe
Date of birth:
World of birth:
unknown (see "Reconstruction")
Physical Appearance:
General Physical Condition: The best you could describe Jessa is "multiracial" if that means anything out in the Black. Maybe she's got some Native American in her. Maybe something more Asian, like Chinese or Japanese or Vietnamese. Hard to tell. Something more Earth-That-Was Mediterranean or Hispanic or a pinch of African heritage? Sure, why not?  She's awfully scrawny, though, from living on the streets of Eavesdown Docks. When she first comes aboard the Jin Dui, she's probably malnourished and perhaps, as a result, a bit underdeveloped for her age. But she's quick and agile, and there's a hidden strength that comes from somewhere that keeps the boys running feral around there from pushing her over.
When she first comes aboard the Jin Dui, a t-shirt either "fallen off the truck" or from the local shepherd's donation bin (usually black) and black leggings, sturdy boots, drab olive cotton army surplus jacket.
When she first comes aboard the Jin Dui, Jessa does not own much besides the clothes off her back.  But she might still have that nice utility knife Tom gave her once.  (Maybe someone better check.)
Family Ties: basically adopted (and adopted by) Tom Beartooth
Mother: found dead (see "Reconstruction"); Father: unknown.  Siblings: none.
When she first comes aboard the Jin Dui, her friends have been Gobi Peshwar, various street rats, TBD (maybe more as she gets to know the crew of the Jin Dui or the people in other locations she may one day visit)
Savvies & Ineptitudes: She's very good at making booby traps. Trip wires. Improvised explosive devices. You know. All the stuff every eleven year old girl oughta know.
She likes cats, especially strays.  (TBD: maybe dance; she could have an aptitude for it but hasn't really discovered that yet)
Social Aptitude: Jessa acts different depending on time, place, and situation. In new an unfamiliar surroundings, she is cautions, observant, and is quickly trying to work out the situation that would best suit to her advantage.  As she grows more comfortable, she will rapidly seek to establish her dominance, aptitude, or stature. She'll make sure those around her think she's formidable and not to be messed with. She'll try to prove herself if she wants to impress, even if it means overdoing it. Basically, she's like a cat, arching the back, hissing, and mewing to show she's top, cat?  To those she loves, admires, and respects, she shows much greater care and tenderness. It comes off almost as cute and innocent. But she's a passionate one. Mess with her, and watch out. But mess with her friends and family, and you'll soon regret it. Fiercely loyal, you'd rather have her on your side than against you.

Vices & Personality flaws: She's got a temper. You could call it "passion" when it doesn't get her into trouble.

Speech: She speaks like a lot of poor Border and Rim folk in improper English, Chinese, etc. She knows some of Tom's Cree language, and tries to use it whenever she can (probably trying to impress him and bond with him in that way).

Hygiene: She tries to be as clean as one can when living on the streets. She doesn't mind being dirty, though.
Eleven-year-old Jessa is a street-rat orphan of mixed ethnic heritage. Formerly "enrolled" at the Odynova Children's Workhome, she took to the streets of Eavesdown Docks on Persephone where she used her wits to survive by picking pockets and swiping unsupervised merchandise.

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