Abigail Baldwin

Ellen Million
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Abigail Baldwin
Abigail Baldwin
Ellen Million
Abigail Baldwin
Date of birth:
World of birth:
Epeuva (also commonly called the Jeweler's Moon)
ship's medic; more tbd
Physical Appearance:
Abby has high cheekbones, dark blue eyes, pale skin that goes blotchy when she’s upset, a nose just a little big for her face, a chin just a little too weak. Her hair is long and fine, an unremarkable dark brown that resists dyes. She is moderately tall (5’8”), and of a slim and athletic build. She considers herself a poor copy of her mother, who is a holovid actress of considerable beauty.
Although Abby attempts to ‘blend in’ in the rim, she still prefers the feeling of better quality cloth and tends to dress unconsciously fastidiously. She tries to match whatever local styles are in fashion, and is not attached to most of her clothing.  She wears a simple gold ring on a chain around her neck (backstory TBD).
Her mother is a major holovid star Clarissa Bow, father is from a very wealthy family in the shipping business, an athlete of fleeting celebrity when young. (They are divorced)  No siblings.
tbd.  She became friends with the small community of browncoats she spent time with during the war, but believes they were all killed in a final Alliance attack. She never had close friends growing up, and hasn’t pursued any friendships since the war.
She’s a very careful doctor - she researches her clients’ symptoms thoroughly and is not given to snap judgements about illness or chronic problems. She also has a cool head in the face of trauma, and is matter-of-fact about stitching people up and setting bones. Her bedside manner is not particularly great; she tends to be brusque and is not in the slightest bit comforting, even when she tries to be (which she doesn’t, often.). She usually presents the worst case scenario first, and will describe in gory detail the possible infection from a splinter as she’s removing it.

She also has a range of skills and education that come from growing up wealthy; she can sing, dance, memorize a speech (though she has never been more than a mediocre performer at anything), arrange a formal tea, speak a few languages, and ride a horse.  She can sword-fight passably, swim, and play (equivalent of tennis), all of them well, but not to competition standards.
Abby is still looking for something to be passionate about, and failing. She likes music, but doesn’t enjoy performing, She will read in her downtime, but generally picks dry literature and doesn’t really do it ‘for fun.’
Abby is prickly, pessimistic, and privileged, without really being aware of any of those things.  She is very good at a cool facade, but often comes across as judgemental and snobby.  She thinks of herself as shy rather than aloof, and doesn’t recognize a lot of the privilege she still has. She can be doggedly loyal, but good luck earning that loyalty. 

She has a sensitivity to some food additives that may make her appear to be picky about her food.  (It makes her break out in itchy hives.)
The only daughter of a major holovid celebrity and a minor athletic star from an exceedingly wealthy family, Abigail has always felt like ‘an Abby’ in comparison.  She bears a resemblance to her beautiful mother - enough that people sometimes look at her twice - but doesn’t have the same striking beauty.  She also lacks her father’s natural athleticism, despite many private lessons and stubborn determination; though she can swordfight, swim and play (tennis) will considerable skill, she was never up to competition standards.

She went through her childhood feeling like she had failed her parents, a self-image not helped by their ugly - and very public - divorce when she was in her early teens.  She got caught in the edges of the media limelight at this time, and found the entire experience extremely unpleasant.

The only child of each parent, she continued to be a power struggle between them through secondary school.  After secondary school, she went on to study business law at Epeuva's Ivy-League Oxford-on-Carthage University.

Desperate for something to find meaning in, she decided on a medical career and achieved her medical accreditation by (date).  She started with star-eyed optimism, but ended feeling disillusioned with the system, especially when she became aware that her father had pulled strings to get her a cushier internship. 

During the final years of her medical training, she fell in love with the perfect young man: their fathers were friends, he was of an appropriate social class for both of her parents to approve of, he was handsome, and he seemed to be utterly enamored of her.  She engaged to marry him once she’d finished her education, insisting that she finish the program first.  This, too, soured with time.  The fiance was exactly as he seemed… and exactly no more.  He had no particular intelligence, passion, or drive.  He was utterly content to let his family pay for his leisure, let Abby do whatever kept her happy (as long as it was within acceptable social norms), and do nothing to improve himself or the world around him.

Abby was uncertain why this wouldn’t be enough for her - her parents and the other young women in her social circles found the situation entirely equitable, and often reminded her how lucky she was and ‘what a catch’ she’d gotten.  He loved her, and was willing to let her pursue her medical career, if she chose to.

After she finished her education, Abby found herself dragging her feet on the engagement.  When the Alliance declared formal war on the Independence and put out a call for qualified medics, she enlisted without consulting anyone - probably the first time she had ever done anything without the blessing of her family.  It wasn’t only escape that Abby was seeking, but she truly thought this might be the cause she was looking to join; Unification was a beautiful idea, and the propaganda was compelling.  Her family reacted with outrage, which only hardened her determination to go, and she went through basic training with the same stubborn streak that had gotten her through the last years of medical school.  She proved to be a good shot with a rifle, and generally competent at other necessary military skills.  Even here, she suspected she was getting preferential treatment. 

She was posted to a very distant planet (moon?) that was well away from the heaviest combat, and Abby smelled her family’s influence all over the posting.  She requested multiple transfers to more active locations and was consistently denied.  Gnashing her teeth at the lack of action (ANY action), and the control she was under, as well as her growing dissatisfaction with the Alliance organization (the reality of a base of soldiers did not match the glittery advertisements that had encouraged her to enlist!), she was almost glad when the planet unexpectedly became the location of an Independence uprising, and the winds of the war turned against the Alliance in general.

Almost glad. 

For the first time in her life, her family was in no position to help her. They probably didn’t even realize the danger she was in, in more than the most abstract of fashions.  The heady combination of the freedom and the horror of war that was brought home to her staggered her worldview.  The Alliance was busy elsewhere, and Abby had to deal with shortages, brutal injury, and active battle. 

When she missed a general retreat trying to save a dying soldier, she was captured by the Independence, and brought back to their camp as a prisoner.  Here, she found a community of people in need of her skills who were unexpectedly… human.  She served as their medic - under paperthin duress - for (check) months, and grew very fond of their motley band.  When the war turned back to the Alliance favor, they forced her to leave, and she believes that their camp was destroyed immediately afterwards; she doesn’t know if any of them survived the final attack, but she does know that the Alliance claims there were no survivors.

Returning to the core worlds as a veteran, Abby found things more fake and frivolous than ever before.  Her father, mother, and fiance were all unchanged, and tried to draw her back into all the same games and parties and media circuses.  She went through a brief military tribunal for ‘aiding the enemy’, easily smoothed away with money and high-paid lawyers, and was put in a short media spotlight as a high-profile survivor.  They spun her story as an atrocity by the Independents, despite her efforts.  She convinced her therapists she was fine, then closed out all of her credit accounts and hopped on a transport to the far end of known space, hoping that distance and time would help her find meaning in life again.
Since then, she has been hopping from rim world to rim world, hoping to settle into a community as a medic, but not (so far) finding a place where she fits.  She doesn’t have the contacts or street smarts to get a new identity, but she has avoided core worlds where she might be recognized.  She stays in exactly as much contact with her old life as she has to to keep them from putting out a ‘missing persons’ on her, so she’s not actively being sought by the Alliance. 

She considers that her life since then has been ‘hard,’ but comparably, it hasn’t been.  Her mannerisms and good looks get her better treatment than she realizes, and she has marketable medical skills.  If people recognize her (and often if they don’t), they assume she is wealthy and treat her accordingly, very willing to extend credit and protection in the hope of reward.

She’s been lucky, until lately, but her ‘tabs’ are beginning to accrue, and she is just getting desperate enough to consider contacting her family for money.  She’s recently come to Deadwood following rumors of work… but hasn’t found a warm welcome.  A job that takes her offworld looks quite lovely right now…
Abigail (Abby) Baldwin -- F, 5'8, E- blue, H - dark brown. Daughter of major media celebrity and extremely wealthy family, seeking meaning (and independence) in her life. Alliance medic during War of Unification, and a good shot. Spent several months as a browncoat 'prisoner'. Pessimistic, prickly, and privileged, but also smart, hard-working, and loyal.

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Abigail Baldwin
Abigail Baldwin
Ellen Million

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