Abigail Baldwin

Abigail Baldwin Portrait
Abigail Baldwin Portrait
Ellen Million
Ellen Million
Art Approval:
Feel free to draw my character, but I want to approve it before publication, please!
Abigail Baldwin
Date of birth:
World of birth:
Epeuva (also commonly called the Jeweler's Moon)
ship's medic & legal counsel
Physical Appearance:
Her mother is a major holovid star Clarissa Bow, father is from a very wealthy family in the shipping business, an athlete of fleeting celebrity when young. (They are divorced)  No siblings.
5'8, E- blue, H - dark brown. Daughter of major media celebrity and extremely wealthy family, seeking meaning (and independence) in her life. Alliance medic during War of Unification, and a good shot. Spent several months as a browncoat 'prisoner'. Pessimistic, prickly, and privileged, but also smart, hard-working, and loyal.

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Uncovered   2514.04.11* (Supporting Role)
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High Noon At Sturges   2514.07.23* (Leading Role)
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Abigail Baldwin Portrait
Abigail Baldwin Portrait
Ellen Million

Abigail Baldwin
Abigail Baldwin
Ellen Million

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