Hohepa “Hoss” Hoeata

Stacy Lucas
Stacy Lucas
Art Approval:
Feel free to draw my character, but I want to approve it before publication, please!
Name Notes:
He's actually Hohepa Hoeata Jr., but the family has always called him Hoss... and most everyone who doesn't speak Maori is glad for the nickname as well.  (Note -- "Hohepa" is the Maori version of Joseph)
Date of birth:
World of birth:
ship's primary mechanic
Physical Appearance:
Hoss is a simple man, and his clothing reflects this. He typically wears knee-length cutoff brown BDU shorts, held up with a belt, and a t-shirt or tank shirt tucked into his shorts. A tendency toward being cold leads him to very often wear a long-sleeved shirt or Greenleaf Threshers hoodie over his t-shirt. HIs shoes are old beat-up combat boots, worn laced up only part way with the laces wrapped around his ankles and tied in front. Everything is clean if a bit worn and faded. For special occasions, he puts on long pants.
He has a Greenleaf Threshers flag hanging in his quarters, and a shell necklace that Grandmama Mahaika gave him that he wears on special occasions. Most of the rest of his belongings are back home on Raikirua Island, including what's left of his Browncoats kit.
His closest friend by far is Captain Elizabeth "Bet" Cooper, captain of the Jin Dui. They met and grew close during the War and have been watching each other's back ever since.
Friendly, gregarious, with a gentle soul.  Hoss is the kind of guy who is always rescuing stray cats, bottle-nursing kittens, and feeding puppies.  Extreme softie.  Has a powerful sweet tooth, and is notorious for always having a pocket full of candy.  Can be shy, especially around individuals he finds romantically interesting.
6'6" tall, black dreadlocks and dark brown eyes, with lots of tattoos.  A skilled natural mechanic who served as a hospital orderly during most of the War.  Big and intimidating looking, but a gentle, non-violent man at heart.  Friendly and gregarious, has a heart of gold and a world-class sweet tooth.

Linked Fic:

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Favor Points   2514.05.02* (Supporting Role)
As the ship arranges to take on a cargo of furniture downsized from a Santo resort, Sully follows up with some old business contacts, and takes on a small smuggling job for Beylix.
Three Years Gone   2514.05.02* (Leading Role)
Hoss reacts to the arrival of Unification Day, three years after the surrender at Serenity Valley.
Lucky Day   2514.05.16* (Supporting Role)
The Jin Dui departs for the Bonnie Prince Charlie, an asteroid smuggler’s depot, to deliver a load of contraband… not knowing that they’re walking blind into a trap...
Aftermath   2514.05.22* (Supporting Role)
Captain Cooper and the rest crew of the Jin Dui come to terms with the arrival of Ben Carver… and deal with sorting out a cargo hold full of materials looted from the Lucky Day.
Working It Out   2514.05.23* (Leading Role)
After the incident with the Lucky Day, Hoss has some thinking to do.
Storm Warning   2514.05.26* (Supporting Role)
Young Tilly senses a sea change looming...
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Old Odin is half-blind and crippled -- so what value can the dog possibly prove to be?
Lettin' The Cat Outta The Bag   2514.07.05* (Supporting Role)
While the Jin Dui is at Whitefall, Captain Cooper rescues a traumatized cat from a dockside butcher’s shop, leading to Carver’s arrest for murder…
High Noon At Sturges   2514.07.23* (Leading Role)
On the anniversary of the Battle of Sturges, the Jin Dui's crew has to deal with a terrorist bombing and its aftermath.

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