Mathilda “Tilly” Warren

Mathilda “Tilly” Warren Portrait
Mathilda “Tilly” Warren Portrait
Brouwer Wiersema
Brouwer Wiersema
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Mathilda “Tilly” Warren
Name Notes:
Mathilda is Germanic, meaning “strength in battle.” It also became Australian slang in the late 1800s of Earth-That-Was for a traveler’s pack. Warren is an English surname with potentially Germanic roots that refers to an animal enclosure.
Date of birth:
World of birth:
Ship's Ward
Physical Appearance:
A pale little girl of mixed Nordic and Celtic roots, with blue eyes and blonde hair that curls if she lets it loose (but it’s almost always up; she’s rather obsessed with braiding it). She’s starting to grow lanky and freckled as she hits her growth spurt… and the tropical light on Raikirua island makes for even more freckles and frequent sunburns unless she slathers herself constantly with sunscreen.
Now that she’s hitting the stage where children’s clothes are too small and adult clothes are too big, Tilly tends to wrap herself in loose-fitting outfits as if hoping to grow into them — her particular favorite items are a set of overalls and a silver-gray afghan, which she uses all the time as a scarf, shawl, sash/belt, or blanket. Eventually the crew of the Jin Dui gift her with a child-sized tool-belt, which becomes her prized possession.
Most of her childhood possessions were lost in various ways before she came aboard the Jin Dui, so she’s effectively starting over when they bring her to Raikirua island. During her time with the Maori clan, she accumulates notebooks and shell necklaces and an entire box of woodcarvings… but when she reboards the Jin Dui, most of those items must stay behind for the sake of space: she comes aboard with only a few journals, some smallish carvings, and a miniature Bible to read when she gets bored (it was a gift from a missionary that passed through Raikirua). Eventually, the crew of the Jin Dui gift her with a child-sized tool-belt, which becomes her prized possession.
Tilly actually grew up in quite a healthy environment, with two loving parents, three other siblings, and a massive network of extended relatives. They lived on Shadow, most working ranches or industrial jobs but still earning enough for her to think they were “rich”. However, she has since been separated from them through various events, and given the fate of Shadow they are likely all deceased.
Darius (crime boss on Deadwood) paid good money for her once and continues to consider her his stolen property. Other than the few adults who she remembers from that experience, Tilly’s perfectly comfortable around grown-ups and will talk a mile a minute to anyone she considers a friend. She loves meeting new people, but now she generally waits for a word from her elders before interacting with strangers — mostly because her trusting nature led her straight into Darius’ possession without a fight in the first place (see “History”).
She was pretty well-educated before her life got thrown into the blender, so even though she doesn’t have school now, she still loves exploring things: particularly mechanics and biology (though the latter is really just because she loves animals).
    After the unpredictable adults she interacted with in New Hope, she’s grown to appreciate the systematic behavior of machines and mathematics (and animals). To her, when analyzing those subjects she can see every effect as having a cause, and vise-versa. Whereas, according to her, “sometimes grown-ups just don’t make sense.” (This may be in part because she doesn’t quite understand sex yet, and that’s a unfortunately a big factor in most adult behaviors.) Her love for mathematics and machinery, coupled with her romanticized memories of any and all space voyages she’s experienced, has inspired her to become a ship’s mechanic when she grows up (or as soon as she can stow away onboard any ship run by adults she trusts).
Tilly loves exploring machines, taking them apart, drawing out their schematics, and putting them back together. She also got into a bit of woodwork when she was on Raikirua Island and whittles any bits of wood she can get her hands on (which includes some of the woodwork in the walls of the Jin Dui — let’s just say those panels are “prettier” now). Celtic knotting is her forte, since large portions of her family had Gaelic roots.
    Equal to Tilly’s love of mechanics is her love of animals. She hates the idea of harming any living thing… even insects, though she’d still prefer they weren’t in the same room as her. Whenever she calls grown-ups to remove spiders or cockroaches from the area, she monitors them to make sure the creatures aren’t simply thrown down the toilet or stomped on. And she may try more than once to rescue stray animals and bring them onboard (she’ll especially argue for a Manx cat at some point… one that could keep the ship bug and rat-free).
    She also loves climbing and fitting into tight spaces, so hide-and-seek is one of her favorite games. She’ll sit down and flip through her little Bible if she gets really bored, but she’s not sure how much of it she accepts; her parents raised her to believe in the existence of a God, but after everything that’s happened to her, Tilly’s not so sure any deity (if there is one) is paying attention to her.
Tilly hates being classified as “weak” even though she’s nothing but 100% softie (the toughest thing about her is her attitude, really). She’s a classic ten-year-old struggling with feminine identity, wanting to be strong but having neither the strength nor the spine to actually be so. Besides, she’s never had to defend herself before; having a big tough father and then multiple hulking big-brother-types on Raikirua, any male that she trusts instantly becomes her personal bodyguard/teddy-bear (so you can imagine how much love Hoss gets whenever they’re around each other, especially since he’s an engineer).
    What does she see when she looks into space? “Stars! Lots and lots of ‘em! I wonder what they look like up close…”
    What’s the difference between an egg and a rock? “An egg is alive. Or it was. It kinda depends, because some eggs hatch into chickens and some don’t. But rocks definitely aren’t alive. I think I heard in school once that they’re made up of bits of bone and stuff from animals that WERE alive a schazillion years ago, though.”
    What does she want for Christmas? “A dog and a spaceship. Oh, and a whole pineapple that I get to eat by myself!”
Tilly was the youngest of her family, born and raised on Shadow.  Her parents heard rumors of the coming Alliance attack on the planet in 2510 and rushed to get the family off-world; the family was separated in a riot on the docks of the spaceport, and only Tilly and her mother made it aboard a shuttle off-world.  They spent some time in a refuge camp on Summerfair, where in 2511 Rosie's mother go involved with a fellow refugee named Reed.  Reed convinced Rosie's mother to join him in emigrating to Deadwood, which boosters were proclaiming to be a land of new-found wealth and fantastic work opportunities.  The truth turned out to be much bleaker than that.  Rosie's mom eventually did find work in a factory, but Reed spent long periods of time unemployed.  They married in 2512.
    Rosie's mom was killed in a factory accident in mid 2513; Reed moved with his step-daughter to the New Hope mining camp shortly thereafter, and got a job in the mines.  He also racked up an alarming amount of debt within a short period of time.  He did not appreciate the joys of single parenthood and when the local crime boss Darius came to Reed with an offer to absolve his debts in exchange for Tilly, Reed did not let his conscience get in the way. He convinced Tilly that Darius was running a “school” and left her with little ceremony.
    Tilly was briefly detained by Darius and put on the market for the highest bid, but was rescued (Darius would say stolen) before she came to any harm. In short order, Cooper was called in to medically examine her before she was sold off, but then instead used contacts of her own to smuggle Tilly off-world and to Greenleaf (Tilly’s trip aboard the freighter Mustang Sal was a high-light of her young life). In truth, Tilly didn’t even really understand most of the ordeal until afterwards, when Cooper gave her a G-rated explanation by saying that Reed had sold her to Darius as a slave.   
    Once safe on Raikirua Island with Hoss's clan, Tilly settled into her adopted family almost instantly — but she loved being aboard a space ship and wants to board another as soon as possible.
E=blue, H=blond.  Born and raised on Shadow; separated from half her family in the spaceport riots there in 2510, then lost her mother in a factory accident on Deadwood in 2513. Was sold by her mother's boyfriend to settle debts, to local crime boss Darius. Was rescued from Darius by Bet Cooper, who then helped smuggle the girl off-world to Hoss's family on Greenleaf.  Darius is still trying to get her back, though, and get revenge on Cooper for taking her.  Was brought on board the Jin Dui in early 2514.

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Mathilda “Tilly” Warren Portrait
Mathilda “Tilly” Warren Portrait
Brouwer Wiersema

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Mathilda "Tilly" Warren
Mathilda "Tilly" Warren
Brouwer Wiersema

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