Captain Bet Cooper

Captain Bet Cooper Portrait
Captain Bet Cooper Portrait
Samwitch Londinium
Whitney Ware
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Feel free to draw my character, but I want to approve it before publication, please!
Captain Bet Cooper
Name Notes:
Elizabeth “Bet” Meiji Cooper.  Full name is Elizabeth “Bet” Meiji Cooper; on paperwork, she'll write E. M. Cooper.  She Is never called by her full name -- instead, for the nearly the past decade, she's been only “Doc”, “Captain” or “Cooper”.  Close friends might call her “Coop” as a casual endearment; in private, Hoss will very rarely call her “Bet” (her childhood nickname, short for Elizabeth).  But she is not generally encouraging first-name terms with anyone at this time, except for Hoss.
Date of birth:
World of birth:
native of the farming community of Kirk’s Ferry, planet Harvest
Captain; quartermaster; cook
Physical Appearance:
5'6" -- mixed race to some degree (hence the names Elizabeth and Cooper), but visually takes after her Korean-heritage.  Slight frame and thin-boned but is all wiry muscle.  Dark eyes; hair is curly and is shoulder-length, usually worn up in a ponytail or a tight bun.  (For visual reference, use Sandra Oh/Dr. Cristina Yang of Grey's Anatomy; photo reference can be provided)
For regular day-to-day wear, think second-hand.  Second-hand combat boots that have been recently re-soled; BDU pants that are belted; cotton t-shirts layered over darker long-sleeved shirts worn underneath .  Has two different sweaters hand-knit by a miner's wife (one rust-red, one faded blue). Does have an officer's browncoat -- leather patches on the elbows and it's clearly seen better days, but it at least fits as if tailored.  Cooper will be looking to upgrade her fashion with something more classy for going to meet business contacts and portmasters... but her tastes will run conservative.  Important note:  she will always wear clothing that will hide the scarring on her left hip/upper thigh; if in a situation like going to the beach on Greenleaf, will wear cut-off BDU cargo shorts.
Cooper has no physical possessions which pre-date the War -- everything she owned was destroyed first at the bombing of the Companion Hall Hospital at Serenity Valley on Hera.  After Unification, all of her personal items except for the clothes on her back (including her Independent Army browncoat) and a fiddle were destroyed when the cabin which served as her  practice/living quarters on Deadwood was burned to the ground.  The only physical possessions she has at this time which she is emotionally attached to is the fiddle.  Owns a Marakov rapid fire semi-auto pistol (8 shots) and is a decent enough shot -- hunted quite a bit as a girl, is better with a rifle.
Father, Lee, was owner of Cooper & Sons Emporium general store; mother, Elizabeth, was a veterinarian; older brother, Leo, was planning to take over the family store in the future.  Cooper’s father was known to have been killed in the Alliance “liberation” of Harvest in 2508; her mother was collateral damage in one of the Independent counter-attacks in which a civilian bus was used for a guerrilla bombing in 2509.  Her brother Leo disappeared during the firebombing of the capital in late 2510, and was one of the civilians whose bodies were never identified. Cooper assumes he is among those in the mass graves along the Titania River.
Her closest friend is certainly Hohepa "Hoss" Hoeata, ship's mechanic aboard the Jin Dui -- they grew close during the war and have been looking out for one another as best they could ever since.  Cooper is a wary ally of the crime boss Augustus Van Hooven of the mining camp New Hope on Deadwood; she wound up in Van Hooven's orbit within days of leaving the New Hope re-education camp -- he was an early patron, hiring her for regular medical care for his whores and providing her with the necessary capital to establish a bare-bones doctor/veterinarian practice in the camp.  In turn, she was available at any hour to provide no-questions-asked emergency treatment for his various operatives in the camp.  Later on, when he was in need of a fresh captain for his Firefly, he tapped Cooper for the position.  When it comes to enemies... Cooper made a bad one in Van Hooven's polar opposite, a rival crime boss named Darius.  Darius was going to auction off a beautiful 12-year-old virgin; when the girl pleaded to Cooper for rescue when she was brought in to verify the child's virginity, Cooper went against her common sense and did so, in a plot which involved horse-theft, spending & acquiring major favor-points with Van Hooven, and smuggling the girl by train to the docks at Yankton and a ticket offworld.  Cooper spent every dime she had in doing so, and lost her entire practice and home when Darius burnt her cabin to the ground.  Darius still has a price on her head -- but the bounty will only be paid if she's delivered to him alive.
Highly skilled and very experienced military trauma surgeon.  Very much a "meat-ball" surgeon -- keeping soldiers alive was always her priority, prizing inventiveness over making things pretty.  Not a licensed veterinarian, but could probably pass the licensing tests -- was at the top of her class in vet school before the start of the War, and had served as her mother's assistant in her mother's practice since childhood. On Deadwood, she ran a combined  practice, treating humans and livestock alike.  Since she was raised helping out with her father's general store, Cooper absorbed a lot of business basics.  She is money-savvy, and shrewd about basic economics (and a penny-pincher as well -- not given to spending on anything easily!).  Very much of a Depression-era/DYI mindset -- she'll pick up any penny she sees on the sidewalk, and won't spend a dime for something if it can be made aboard the ship.  Good with logistics and very much an eyes-for-the-details type, and is looking to make the ship as self-sufficient an environment as possible.
Skilled violinist; was First Violin of the Harvest Capital Youth Orchestra for three years during college; also studied dance for a number of years as a youth, ending in her teens.  Used to love dancing, but hasn't now since her injury.  A pretty decent cook -- not a fancy one, experienced mostly with farm/country dishes; greatly enjoys baking bread.
Cooper is driven, focused, and often given to being a bit emotionally disconnected. Highly intelligent and very much a Type A personality.  Has a wicked sense of humor, and is a master of the stink-eye.  Shrewdly practical, and a workaholic -- takes pride in never asking of her crew what she won't do herself, in terms of dirty jobs. Is usually bluntly, painfully honest -- has little patience left for bedside manner. Prefers action over talk, and those who have known her longest (that would be you, Hoss) might say she uses a mono-focus on physical tasks as a way to avoid making emotional connections.  Cooper suffers from untreated PTSD and severe scarring to her upper left leg from mortar wounds taken in Serenity Valley.  Walks with a significant limp -- usually uses a cane, and is prone to falling when without it.  Does not sleep well, or often.
2480:  Elizabeth Meiji Cooper born, farming village of Kirk’s Ferry on Harvest, near the capital of Ostermann.

2498:  Cooper went to the main university on Harvest, majoring in veterinary medicine. A very focused student, eschewing a social life in favor of being top of her class academically.

2504:  Cooper enlists in a local Independents regiment, in exchange for deferral of her veterinary school loans.  Cooper has always stated that she joined the war not for politics, but to pay off her student loans; in 2504, she and most of her fellow reservists thought the possibility of there being actual honest-to-God hostilities was absurd.

2506:  Hostilities start in Unification War.  After aptitude testing, she was fast-tracked toward combat surgery, and after three months of intense re-training and some tape training, Cooper found herself in a forward unit, the IIndependent 10th Medical Brigade Mobile Unit, at the rank of Captain

2508 April:  A lover of Cooper’s (LT Anson Roanhorse, from the Hellburners 6044 Flight Combat Squad) steals her ID card lanyard, getting access to the 10th Med’s drug inventory.  A large amount of meds with a high black-market value are stolen and Roanhorse vanishes from the base.  Cooper herself faces a court-martial hearing, but vid records prove her innocence.  Still, her conduct records are permanently marred, and she winds up transferred to the 219th Medevac Group, stationed, aboard the ISF Diamondback.

2508.November:  Hoss is injured in the Battle of Starling Base on Paquin; he is among a number of patients airlifted out about the ISF Diamondback, and when he displays his natural mechanical abilities by restarting her engines during an in-transit emergency, the Diamondback’s crew scramble to “requisition” him.  He earns the rank of corporal and winds up assigned to a rack in the cabin shared by Cooper.

2508.December Cooper learns about the death of her father, Lee Cooper, during the Alliance “liberation” effort of Harvest.

2509.April:  Cooper learns about the death of her mother, Elizabeth Cooper, during a guerrilla Independents bus bombing on Harvest

2510.January.  The ISF Diamondback back is badly damaged by an explosive mine;two aboard are lost to a hull decompression, and there multiple injuries.  The Diamondback limps to safety, but is found to be so badly damaged that she is decommissioned and hauled off for scrap. The remaining members of the 219th Medevac Group are assigned to the 67th Forward Combat Hospital.

2510.December:  Ostermann, capital of Harvest, is firebombed, including the refugee camps which have been built along the Titania River.  Cooper’s last communication with her older brother, Leo, was that he and his family were living in that displaced persons camp.  The bodies of Leo and his family are never identified; thousands of civilians were unidentified and buried along the river’s banks

2511.February:  The 67th Forward Combat Hospital is deployed to Serenity Valley on Hera, setting up operations in the requisitioned Whore’s Peak Companion's House on the southeastern rim of the valley.

2511. Late March:  Start of the battle of Serenity Valley

2511.April 16:  When an admiral is injured and needs medical personnel escort on an evac flight from Hera to Persephone, Cooper pulls strings and gets Hoss that assignment. 

2511.April.18:  The Companion’s Hall Hospital, the last remaining Independent field hospital on Hera, is demolished by Alliance mortar fire/bunker buster bombing. Cooper is severely wounded. Within four hours, a squad from the 53rd Boros Hellraisers come to survey the damage and scavenge for supplies -- they move Cooper and two other mortally wounded survivors into a stable section of the blasted ruins, but then depart without any further aide provided.

2511.April 19: A two-man Alliance recon unit arrives at the ruins of the Companion Guildhouse, looking for a suitable site for relocating their HQ. They discover Cooper as the sole survivor of the field hospital. They haven't room to transport her themselves and can provide little more aid than a bottle of water, but they do get in comm contact with their superiors and arrange for a rescue team to be sent, ASAP.

2511.April 21: The promised Alliance rescue team arrives for Cooper... more than 36 hours later. She is transported to an Alliance mercy ship until her condition is stabilized, then transferred to the medical wing of the POW reprocessing center on Hera Station. 

2511.May 26:  Formal truce signed at Serenity Valley, signalling the end of the Unification War

2511.June 1: After more than a month in the Hera Station POW hospital, Cooper is among the first wave of prisoners relocated to the New Hope Re-Education camp on Deadwood.

2512.May 26:  On the day of the first Unification Day celebrations, the New Hope Re-Education Camp is abruptly closed down -- the remaining prisoners are given a Red Crescent care box and walked out the front gate… in the middle of practially bum-frak nowhere.  Cooper is among a small number of former officers/”requisitioned” staffers allowed to remain a few extra days it takes camp admin to physical take down the tents and crate up supplies.  Cooper manages to talk her way into getting to walk away with whatever medical supplies she can put in her med-bag and carry.  She joins the rest of the suddenly dispossessed in making her way to the nearby New Hope Mine, owned in absentia by one of the former camp administrators…

2514.January 17: Cooper runs afoul of one of the two crime bosses who own the growing settlement of New Hope, (Darius).  Her practice is burned down over her ears, and she winds up taking shelter with the town’s other leading crime boss, Augustus Van Hooven.

2514.February 12:  due to employee negligence, Van Hooven finds himself in need of refitting and re-hiring crew for a Firefly Series 3 in his possession.  Knowing Cooper spent time aboard a FIrefly during the war, and having taken a sounding of her character, he offers her the ship… with conditions. She accepts, puts a wave to Hoss, and starts calling in all of her markers and debts in preparation.

2514.March 10:  Cooper’s former war-buddy and skilled mechanic Hoss arrives;  the deal with Van Hooven is confirmed and they get started on what limited refit the two of them can do.

2514.Mach 18:  The Jin Dui finds her crew… when the hiring line waiting for interviews outside of the ship comes under assault by an Foxbat fighter (assumed to have been hired by local crime boss boss Darius)  The Jin Dui takes to the air and flees with a motley assortment of applicants aboard, only narrowly missing being destroyed.  Once in orbit, a course is set for Persephone, in order to deliver the partial cargo which Van Hooven has already stowed aboard.
5'6", E=black, H=black. A former Browncoat trauma surgeon, Cooper serves as the ship's captain, quartermaster and cook.  She is smart, shrewdly practical, and a work-aholic.  Plays the violin and sustained a crippling injury to her left leg during the war that leaves her limping and using a cane.

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