Raquel “Sully” Sullivan

Raquel “Sully” Sullivan Portrait
Raquel “Sully” Sullivan Portrait
Louise Meijer
V Brenan
Art Approval:
Feel free to draw my character, but I want to approve it before publication, please!
Raquel “Sully” Sullivan
Name Notes:
Regularly goes by the nickname "Sully".  Rather desires that it not be made common knowledge that his given name is Raquel. Goes by "Kell" at home, will give that as a first name if forced.
Date of birth:
World of birth:
Pilot/fixit dude
Physical Appearance:
5’11” average, active/lean, muscular build. Fair skin that tans. Dark, unruly brown curly hair, almost shoulder length. Tends to rake it back away from face, but it generally does what it wants, so often pulled back at the back of the head. Brown eyes. Pretty, knows it, uses it to his advantage (or tries) at all turns.

(For artistic purposes, using Aidan Turner aka Mitchell/Kili, etc. Mitchell-era facial scruff and hair though hair I see as a bit longer so that it could be pulled back)
T-shirts and cargo pants, or that ‘han solo’ thing: long-sleeved shirt, vest (with an eye toward expensive fabrics), tan/brown pants and boots, dark brown “aussie” style cowboy hat. Brown duster.
Carries a LeMat 1861 revolver. Big, scary-looking, prefers not to use it.
Possibly something sentimental, but generally more into moving stuff rather than keeping it.
Uncle Slim, numerous siblings/neices/nephews, mother living, (father?) TBD
Talking. Schmoozing. Working a deal. Flying. Fixing stuff. Jerry-rigging, Locating trouble.
Getting out of said trouble. Finding things, Finding people looking for things. Jack of all trades – picks
up new tasks skills as needed (always useful to learn new stuff when it pays!), with relative ease.
Mechanically inclined. Generally useful. Except cooking. It’s not that he hates the task, it’s that he
is terrible. He will offer to help. He can be permitted to chop (he does know how to manage a knife),
for example, gather things, etc., but don’t let him cook anything you actually plan to eat. Even stirring
and water-boiling are risky tasks. Hide the salt and pepper. What he lacks in talent he makes up for in
boyish enthusiasm. Just… don’t. Give him tools and point him elsewhere.
See first part of skills. =)
Genuinely charming, though more theatrically charming if he’s trying to pull
something off. Knows when to be serious, but prefers not to be. Crafty. And not in the doily-making
sense. Quick-witted, gifted in the social sense that he will wade into whatever, and find someone or
someones to charm. A good person but not married to being honest, when it’s clear that the outcome
might be much improved by some creative liberties or storytelling, and generally prefers talking a way
out over shooting, if possible. Old enough now to know when to stay focused and when to let loose
some, but still capable of going too far now and again, mostly out of overenthusiasm.
(another Aidan Turner note: personality more Kili than Mitchell)
(Still WIP - working on it elsewhere and will update when I have it in order)
Came from a small farm family, and followed a black-sheep uncle into
scavenging the scrapyards and participating in the uncle's smuggling operations.
From BV: “My uncle is still in business on Beylix.  I decided to go independent.  I had my own ship -- the Carolyn Jane.  She was a little Gnat class -- but she was beautiful and she was all mine.  I was making a delivery to the terraforming station at Seventh Circle when I ran afoul of pirates.  She managed to get me away with my skin on one piece, but her engines were mortally wounded.  I wound up adrift in the Uroborus belt.  Some asteroid miners caught my life pod signal before my air ran out, and ever since that, I’ve been working my way from job to job through the Blue Cluster.”
5'11", E=brown, H=black, curly.  Came up in the scavenging and grey-market smuggling business.  Had his own ship, but lost her to pirates.  After that, worked from job to job until landing with the Jin Dui, and becoming one of her pilots, and the XO.  Charming, quick-witted, jack of all trades; great at schmoozing and making deals.

Linked Fic:

Bon Voyage   2514.03.18* (Leading Role)
Sully is concerned about what he and the rest of the new crew may have stumbled into...
Launch Point   2514.03.18* (Supporting Role)
Captain Cooper is looking to hire a new crew, but things just never go smooth...
Sihnon Standard Time   2514.04.08* (Leading Role)
Now under new management, the Jin Dui makes her first call at the Persephone’s Eavesdown Docks.
Uncovered   2514.04.11* (Casting not entered)
Captain Cooper delves into her crew’s secrets -- and confesses one of her own.
Favor Points   2514.05.02* (Leading Role)
As the ship arranges to take on a cargo of furniture downsized from a Santo resort, Sully follows up with some old business contacts, and takes on a small smuggling job for Beylix.
Lucky Day   2514.05.16* (Supporting Role)
The Jin Dui departs for the Bonnie Prince Charlie, an asteroid smuggler’s depot, to deliver a load of contraband… not knowing that they’re walking blind into a trap...
Aftermath   2514.05.22* (Leading Role)
Captain Cooper and the rest crew of the Jin Dui come to terms with the arrival of Ben Carver… and deal with sorting out a cargo hold full of materials looted from the Lucky Day.
Collecting Strays   2514.06.18* (Supporting Role)
Carver is asked to undertake an unpleasant duty, while Sully offers a job to a friend in need.
A Haunted Forest   2514.07.01* (Supporting Role)
Cianán is asked to paint safety strips on the stairs and hatches of the ship, but gets carried away by his imagination...

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Raquel “Sully” Sullivan Portrait
Raquel “Sully” Sullivan Portrait
Louise Meijer

Making Repairs!
Making Repairs!
Louise Meijer

Raquel "Sully" Sullivan
Raquel "Sully" Sullivan
Louise Meijer

Bao Yu (Sully's dog -- fic in progress!)
Bao Yu (Sully's dog -- fic in progress!)
V Brenan

Illustration for "Sihnon Standard Time" -- Sully's promotion
Illustration for "Sihnon Standard Time" -- Sully's promotion
V Brenan

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