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Ben Carver portrait
Ben Carver portrait
Holly H.
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Ben Carver
Name Notes:
adopted by Mirriam Neal December 10/29/14; gave up for adoption 6/12/15. Adopted by Carmen Ryan on 7/12/15
Date of birth:
World of birth:
security officer of the Jin Dui
Physical Appearance:
Red hair, cut extremely short.  Green eyes.  Caucasian.  Sustained disfiguring plasma burns during a boarding action in (year tbd); has various other "trophies" marking his body as well.  Tall and burly, wide shoulders and narrow hips. (Visual reference:  character Andy Whitfield)
tbd -- tends to military surplus.
tbd -- does not have much of value beyond his guns.
Son of a ranch hand (Ambrose "Red" Carver; Etta Carver), fourth child of a very large family.  Family ran mostly cattle & horses; a few goats, sheep & pigs for own consumption & trade); Aunt Agate co-owned the spread with her partner Betty
tbd.  No close buddies survived the war -- he saw the last member of his unit killed in a mortar explosion beside him during the battle of Serenity Valley.
Profession:  soldier.  Served the entire war in the Independent Army as a member of the 13th Orbital Marine Mechanized -- the fabled Odin's Hammer dropsquad unit, which specialized in spec ops missions -- battlesuits and ship infiltrations.  An extremely skilled soldier -- he has excellent combat skills and combat instincts, has learned battle strategy the hard way (surviving DESPITE a few bad officers), and has an obsessive knowledge of gun, ammunition, weaponry, and ship defensive systems.  Was intimately familiar with military exo-suits, right on down to small system hydraulics and electronics.  After the war, spent some time on Santo working as a longshoreman at various ports before coming to the attention of the local Bratva.  While never formally joining the Russian Mafia, he was recognized by them for his unique skillsets, and press-ganged into working on Bratva-affliated ships as muscle.

Has a highly refined trouble-sense -- an excellent soldier and security officer, has a remarkable "spidey" sense and is extremely observant.  Has hair-triggered reflexes -- and while his reaction speed is remarkable, he is so economical in his movements that he doesn't appear to be moving fast, even when he's breaking the proverbial speed barrier.

Grew up on a hardscrabble ranch and has a multiple of ranching & frontier survival skills, including basic mechanics, basic engineering, horse training, dog training, riding, ropemaking, frontier medicine (human & veterinary), cattle & horse wrangling, hunting, tracking, basic agriculture, etc.
Shipboard hobbies:  cleaning guns, helping with the stock, any skut work that needs doing, and working out on the exercise machine.  When Carver can get the supplies, he likes to braid rope and tack like reins and bosals.  An excellent card player -- he's not a counter, exactly, but playing cards was the primary time-killer for marines in barracks ship-board during the war, and he's got a professional poker-player's demeanor.
Extremely stoic.  Can go days without speaking unless first spoken to.  The guy was a combat soldier through some of the worst firefights in the war -- definitely has an raging case of untreated PTSD, which he prefers to self-medicate (whiskey is drug of choice; exercise until he drops otherwise).  As a result of his war experience, he has trouble emotionally connecting -- he's learned to keep his emotional distance from everything and everyone, because if you love it or even just begin to like it, it WILL die.  Largely self-contained and self-sufficient.  Mentally, he's mostly been in a state of suspended animation since the war (arguably, since DURING the war), doing simply what needed to be done in order to survive.
Born on Shadow; son of a ranch-hand on a ranch owned by his aunt and her partner; the fourth child of a very large family.  The family homestead ran mostly cattle & horses; a few goats, sheep & pigs for own consumption & trade; his father was always savin' up for a spread of his own, but did not have enough put aside just yet. 

Ben has had pretty limited schoolin' -- he can sign his own name and do basic math, but otherwise, he probably has had a fourth grade education.  He is, however, extremely fluent in ranch work, horse training, dog training, basic mechanics, hunting, tracking, frontier medicine -- all aspects of frontier survival.  Aware of his educational limitations and very self-conscious about it.

Enlisted at the very start of the war -- wanted to see beyond the horizon of his little patch of territory, and the War of Independence seemed like a good way to start doing so.  He excelled in the hand-eye coordination sections of the appitude testing, and his skills on the firing range bumped him straight into specialized combat training.  Right out of basic training, he was assigned to the 13th Orbital Mechanized Marines (Odin's Hammer), a marine dropsquad which specialized in spec ops missions -- battlesuits and ship infiltrations.  Once the fighting started, Carver lost all interest in seeing the 'Verse and in his heart, simply wanted to go back home and go back to a simple life of hard-work out in the middle of nowhere.  When he learned of Shadow's complete scorched-earth destruction by the Alliance late in the war, Carver stopped hanging onto the extravagance of hopes or dreams -- from that moment forward, he essentially has survived each day one moment at a time, just marking time until the odds finally catch up to him.  At this point in life, he's not at all scared of dying.  It's living that scares him.

The battlesuit squads themselves had a very high turn-over rate -- and after the first years of the war, finding artillery and replacement parts for the specialized armored exo-skeleton suits grew increasingly difficult.  Each marine had to learn to prep and service their own suits -- which means a very specialized knowledge of small system electronics, hydraulics, etc.

Survived the war -- but not unscathed.  Took a number of significant war wounds during his time in service, the most obvious being plasma-burn scars which disfigure the left side of his face.

After the war, he was processed through the general Alliance system, then discharged with thousands of other to a random port-of-call -- in his case, Santo.  His difficulty in reading or writing made it hard for him to find a good job -- his facial scarring alone made most civil security jobs out-of-bounds.  Worked as a longshoreman for a short time -- after years in a battlesuit, he easily can pass any test for operating an exo-loader -- but after 3 or 4 months dockside, he was conscripted into employment with a ship affliated with the local Vory v Zakone (literally -- "thieves-in-law" -- also "Bratva" -- Russian Mafia, Red Brotherhood), as "muscle."  In 2514, is working aboard the "Lucky Day", under command of Captain O'Malley.
6'4", H=red, E=green.  A former Browncoat soldier; face is badly scarred by plasma burns.  A quiet, extremely reserved man who has yet to "return" from the War.

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Ben Carver
Ben Carver
Holly H.

Ben Carver portrait
Ben Carver portrait
Holly H.

Ben Carver Portrait
Ben Carver Portrait

Ben Carver
Ben Carver
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Ben Carver
Ben Carver
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