Jin-Dui -- Working Timeline

Reference links to a working timeline, ship deck plans, ship's financials and more are posted here.

Jin-Dui -- Working Timeline

Postby Whitney » Fri Feb 14, 2014 11:21 am

Okay -- I'm going to put on a gamemaster hat here, and start laying down a starting event timeline.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HCd ... Z2Cb8/edit

This document is saved as anyone who has the link can edit.
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Re: Jin-Dui -- Working Timeline

Postby Whitney » Sat Mar 08, 2014 7:18 am

For easy reference purposes, I'll also regularly update this thread here as well. Last updated 7/18/14

Here's the current estimated game timeline -- note that dates for all fics not yet posted are estimated dates, and thus subject to change!

2514.March 18: The Jin-Dui finds her crew… when the hiring line waiting for interviews outside of the ship come unders an assaulted by an Foxbat fighter (assumed to have been hired by local mob boss Darius) (http://firefly.wikia.com/wiki/Foxbat-cl ... ter/Bomber) The ship takes to the air and flees with a motley assortment of applicants board, only narrowly missing being destroyed. Once in orbit, a course is set for Persephone, in order to deliver the partial cargo which Van Hooven has already stowed aboard. (Story: Launch Point) Crew begin to sort out the situation... (Story: Bon Voyage ) (Ron WIP: untitled)

2514.April 8: The Jin Dui arrives at Persephone. Her cargo is sold to the business contacts provided by Van Hooven; a mysterious crate is also delivered to a local ally who comes calling. The ship searches for a cargo for the intended port of Greenleaf. (Whit WIP: Sihnon Standard Time)

2514.April 9: The Jin Dui departs for Greenleaf, after 24 hours at port

2514.April 13: The Jin Dui arrives on Greenleaf, making port on Raikiura Island and being hosted by a luau-style “welcome home”party by Hoss’s extended family. Important NPCs introduced will include Grandmama Dowager, and Primrose "Rosie" Wasikowska, the girl Cooper smuggled away from Darius back on Deadwood. Cooper intends to spend a week downworld, completing additional ship repairs and doing some local harvesting/gathering -- basically, think working vacation for the crew. A day at the beach is planned by Hoss for the day before departure, including a crab boil and surfing. Cargo arrangements are made to take on an assortment of fresh, canned and dried agricultural goods; the crew catch Rosie attempting to stowaway before they leave. (Whit WIP: untitled)

2514.April 21: (early morning) The Jin Dui departs from Greenleaf after a week onworld. She is enroute to Beggar’s Tin, one of the moons of Silverhold, which is a 2½ day trip, with a hold full of agricultural goods.

2514.April 24 (early evening): The Jin Dui arrives at Beggar’s Tin (a moon of Silverhold), delivering fresh foodstuffs to a polar mining station (Ellen WIP: untitled). Estimated layover of 48 hours

2514.April 26: The Jin Dui departs Beggar's Tin for Santo, carrying a cargo of raw ore and the ship's first passengers, an all-male troop of exotic dancers. One of them is injured, and the troop attempts to recruit a Jin Dui crewman to fill in their ranks for their upcoming big performance. (Whit WIP: Galactic Cowboys).

2514.May 2: The Jin Dui arrives on Santo, delivering her passengers and cargo safely. Estimated 3 day layover on Santo as the ship arranges to take on a cargo of furniture downsized from a Santo resort, being purchased by a Beylix millionaire to furnish his new mansion.

2514.May 5: The Jin Dui departs for Beylix. Passengers possible but tbd.

2514.May 16: The Jin Dui arrives on Beylix. Once on Beylix, Cooper intends to stock up on a lot of surplus supplies and parts, as Beylix is a common depository of military and corporate surplus in the Verse. Important NPC introduced: Uncle Slim, Sully's uncle and former employer (his actual working handle is 'Uncle Slim', though). Uncle Slim Uncle Slim operates a scrapyard/used ship sales operation, and who can help arrange grey market jobs. In fact, the perfect job for the Jin Dui comes up during their four-day layover... (Whit WIP: Lucky Day)

2514.May 20: The Jin Dui departs for a (name tbd) asteroid smuggler’s depot, to deliver a load of contraband.

2514.May 23: The Jin Dui arrives at (name tbd), and finds their little smuggling job is actually a set-up. Hirelings of Darius attempt to kill the crew and take Cooper captive; Ben Carver joins the crew. Knowing that Darius has targeted Hoss’s clan and intends to kidnap Rosie, they rush for Greenleaf. (Whit WIP: Lucky Day)

2514.June 6: The Jin Dui arrives at Greenleaf; they have a three day layover as they resupply and make cargo arrangements.

2514.June 10: The Jin Dui departs for Silverhod with a cargo of fresh and dried tropical fruit. They also take Rosie with them, as a ward of the ship. No passengers considered.

2514.June 13: The Jin Dui arrives on Silverhold; they wind up selling their cargo to a broker who’s a rep for a series of lumber co-ops, who in turn connects them with a cargo of exotic hardwood lumbers. A two day layover is needed to deliver cargo/pick up cargo from a scattering of lumber camps.

2514.June 15 (evening): The Jin Dui departs Silverhold for Beaumonde. Passengers a possibility tbd.

2514.June 26: The Jin Dui arrives on Beaumonde. A one-day layover as the ship takes on a cargo of high-end electronics parts for Beylix.

2514.June 27: The Jin Dui departs Beaumonde for Beylix. Passengers a possibility tbd.

2514.June 29: The Jin Dui arrives on Beylix. Uncle Slim is aghast at the double cross, and has word on the “official” end of the Lucky Day. Cooper will want to invest in more surplus parts and tools -- talking pioneering basics, the sorts of things settlers on the Rim may be in sore need of. Likewise, wants to collect as much surplus medical materials as possible. Her intention is to take their chances on a tour of the rim worlds, putting out their shingle as a flying general store / medical clinic / veterinary clinic / Abby putting out her shingle as a civil law notary.

2514.July 3: The Jin Dui departs Beylix for a tour of the Rim worlds, working a path toward the Blue Cluster.

**At some point during July, both dairy goats (Polly & Anna) have kids. Baby goats!

**In August on a Rim world tbd, Halo gets involved with a farmer who’s found something very strange which has falling out the bare blue sky (Jonathan WIP: untitled)

**At some point in September, the Jin Dui will have made it’s way back to Deadwood in the Blue Cluster, where they will report back in to Van Hooven (the ship’s owner) and also directly encounter crime boss Darius. (Whit WIP: Homecoming)
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