Game Mod: Starbound Serenity Ship Mod

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Game Mod: Starbound Serenity Ship Mod

Postby Whitney » Sat Mar 22, 2014 8:12 am

Hey! Here's a great ship mod for a new game called "Starbound" -- Starbound is a pixel-based side-ways scroller similar to Terraria (or Minecraft) in that you're searching a planet for raw materials which can then be crafted into better and better gear. Starbound introduces sci-fi element to that foundation, including home ships and traveling to different planets to mine them for materials. In this mod, you own a great big replica of Serenity to use as your home base. I love it!

Here's the mod: ... refly.785/

Here's more about the game itself, including game-play trailer:

And in this mod, you pick up a big crate which serves as a crafting station for making all sorts of Firefly-related equipment, including several variations of Vera, Jayne's cap, Kaylee's gown and parasol, the Operative's armor, and River's Reaver sword and Reaver axe. Plus, you can purchase lifepods which will "spawn" the Firefly characters to inhabit your ship -- the River pod even has a one-in-10 chance of spawning the "Miranda" version! Fun fun fun... ... ation.883/
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