Hoss has a new owner!

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Hoss has a new owner!

Postby Whitney » Sun Jan 04, 2015 8:31 pm

Hey folks! A bit of a character switcheroo for you to know about:

LuckyJack has asked to release Hoss, since he's too busy with life (and little LuckyJack Jr!) to devote much attention to the character. Stacy Lucas had asked a few days ago if we could put her on the waiting list for the next time a character became available, which means you both have amazing timing!

So Stacy will be adopting Hoss -- after all, she already has some experience in drawing him, and has already finished up to fresh pieces of portrait art for him tonight!

And LuckyJack will be retaining his membership and his message board access -- he continues to be a wonderful beta reader for us, particularly with his background in aerospace engineering and military service.
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