How does character usage work for this group?

Start-up issues and world-building for this OC/Firefly 'Verse creative sandbox project

How does character usage work for this group?

Postby Whitney » Fri Oct 10, 2014 1:35 pm

Since we have four new member in the past two months, I'll post a quick clarification here, just in case anyone is confused!

With the Jin Dui, our character use expectations are a bit different than how most RP groups are set up. Most online RP groups forbid one member writing directly for another member's character.

We follow the old-school fanzine model, which was standard back in the day of snail mail fandom: we don't require pre-approval for character use. Writers and artists simply obtain permissions during the creative process, and before the art/fic is considered approved (i.e. -- posted to the website). You don't have to ask permission to include a character in art or fic. You simply need to obtain all of those approvals for each character before the submission can be considered completed.

If you're uncertain how a particular character would react in the circumstances you're plotting, definitely contact all character owners in advance and sound everyone out!
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Re: How does character usage work for this group?

Postby Ron » Fri Oct 10, 2014 2:21 pm

To expand a little: if you get a great idea involving someone else's character, you can just start drawing or writing without waiting for the other person to say yes or no. If there's any doubt about how the character would act, it's a good idea to ask, but you don't have to stop your creative process cold until you hear back; it's OK to take your best guess and continue.

Just be prepared to make changes if the other member has a problem with anything you had their character do, or suggestions about how they think they'd go about it differently.

That's the flipside of this rule; you need to get approvals at the end of the process even if you checked with the other person beforehand. We all know how creativity can take unexpected twists and turns, and no matter how well you described things before you started, your art or story will have details that the other person didn't expect.

Once a story or artwork is posted to the club site, it's part of our canon, so all of us have the right to see exactly what our characters are being committed to before it becomes irrevocable. You just don't have to wait before getting started.
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